Encounter – The Call to Grow

Whenever men and women encountered God in the Scriptures, they were never the same again. For example:

  • Jacob went away limping but blessed;
  • Isaiah cried over his sinfulness;
  • Abrams destiny was totally altered from a desert nomad to the father of nations;
  • Each of the 12 Disciples had their lives and destinies totally transformed

This is why the second step in The Safari is called Encounter. It is designed to draw you into an encounter with God in a way that will leave your life totally transformed. Together with your Safari Partners, you will be ushered into a practical life changing journey that calls for faith, discipline, and great resilience. Through this encounter, you will develop habits that will keep you close to God for the rest of your life.

ENCOUNTER – The Safari Challenge

Come and Grow Deeper


  • The discipline of Daily Quiet Time
  • The practice of Prayer
  • The discipline of Fasting
  • The grace of Giving and Tithing
  • The commitment to Bible Reading
  • The commitment to Study of the Word
  • The lifestyle of Personal Evangelism
  • The experience of Baptism in the Spirit
  • Revelation: The practice of Listening to God
  • The call to Fellowship and Care
  • The knowledge of God: Trinity and Attributes
  • The caution against False Teachings
  • The understanding of the End times
  • The appreciation of Culture


  • Evangelism exposure
  • Breakthrough weekend

Commit to:

  • Godly Christian Living and Being
  • An accountability Group
  • Bible Marathon Club
  • Regular Tithing