Enlist – The Call to Serve

It was Vilfredo Pareto, the Italian economist who, in 1906, observed that economics seem to follow the 20:80 ratio, in which 20% produce for 80% of the population. It would seem that this Pareto principle applies to man Church congregations, where less than 20% of the congregation serves the idle remaining  80% observers. God never intended this to be so. If you are tired of being counted among the idle majority then you will find step four in The Safari  just for you.

It is entitled Enlist because it offers you opportunity to enlist in God’s service in practical and rewarding ways. In this step you will be helped to identify the gifts and talents that God has invested in you. You will then be introduced to avenues of service and ministry, some of which you may never have imagined you are capable of engaging in. Together with your Safari Partners you will be given opportunity for an exciting practical apprenticeship over several weeks before you chose which area of service to settle in. You can even initiate your own ministry in area of interest, if it does not already exist! [this will invite many problems].

ENLIST – The Safari Worker  

Come and Serve


  • The Call to Serve
  • Your SHAPE for Ministry
  • Your Ministry Opportunities
  • The Privilege of Leadership and Mentoring
  • The call Stewardship


  • Short term apprenticeship in service ministries for a few weeks e.g.
  • Co-teach Sunday School
  • Serve in welcome ministry
  • Direct traffic etc

Commit to:

  • Attend School of Ministry
  • Serve in a Church Ministry
  • The CITAM Apprenticeship Ministry Programme