A Spit in God’s Face: Psalm Five

In the wake of the recent terror attack, this psalm couldn’t have come at a better time. The evil ones have tried to sift us like chaff, but the Lord has been on our side. Evil has always desired to reign supreme, but God constantly and consistently protects His people for He does not take pleasure in wickedness. He clearly abhors those who take pleasure in the same. 

From the safari lessons we learnt of two crucial attributes of God which come to play in this psalm; He is righteous and just. Because of this, He will not allow sin and wickedness to prevail. In agreement with proverbs 6:16-19, it is crystal clear that God hates sin. 

Only God can give life and so only He can take life. In a way, when the blood thirsty take a life, they simply put themselves in the position of God, to decide who lives and dies. This is like a direct spit in the face of God, telling Him how bad a creator He is that some of His creations do not deserve to live. The jealously of God is not just seen when we worship idols, but it also comes into play when we become idols. We know how that story ends, ask Herod and Nebuchadnezzar. 

Be very careful when you challenge an all-powerful God because there can be only one outcome. This is not a football match that can go either way. 
We know that God does not lie, nor does He change His mind, that means He cannot accept lies. He sees this as arrogance; when you stand before an all knowing God and speak contrary to what He knows, it is nothing less than Sheer mockery of His intelligence, so to speak. The psalmist equates a lying tongue to an open grave. In the literal senses, a grave is the dwelling place of death. In other words, when you lie, the words of your mouth plant death. 

Have you ever wondered why your friends cannot trust you to give an account of anything? It could be because of your lying tongue. The other issues with lying is that it hinders you from preaching the word of God; who would want to sit down and listen to a liar anyway? Amazingly, the psalmist claims your intrigues will be your downfall. God is only giving you time so they can repent and get back to Him. 

If you turn back to the Lord, He will lead you to the path of righteousness by His great love. A love so great that He gave His life for you (John 3:16). Stop the life of terror, serial lying and sinning for sport and come to the Lord. If you are a white liar, serial liar or one making a career out of lying, the only redemption is repentance. This also goes out to the blood thirsty murderer, no one is beyond redemption. 

Come into the fold of the Lord and you will enjoy favor and blessings. Not the blessings and favor the world promises to give when you swindle and kill, rather that reserved for the righteous. Pray for God’s mercy upon you.

By Harncell Oyango

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