A Terrible Thing: Psalm Two

Have you ever pictured God laughing and scoffing? As hard to imagine as it is, the second chapter of psalms expresses God in this state. Take it literally or figuratively, the important thing is the reason why He is expressed this way. In contrast with chapter 1 where God is present but more in the background, this chapter shows God actively involved; taking the bull by it horns.

Reading through the chapter, another scripture comes to mind, “It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God” Heb. 10:31. The scene opens with a band of world rulers ganging against God’s Anointed One (Messiah). From what it seems, they are tired of being under His rulership. They want to be free; they are rebelling.

The downfall of any nation or person can always be traced back to him turning away from the rulership of God. When Saul rebelled against God and started consulting dark powers, it was the end of his downward spiral. Interestingly, the word of God compared rebellion against God to witchcraft (1 Sam 15:23). From verse 4-9, the Messiah’s authority is not just established, but His rule with an iron fist is proclaimed and promised, in a way similar to Rev. 2:27. Picture this, a clay pot being hit by a sledge hammer.

Towards the end, God clearly establishes the Messiah’s sonship, and the earth as His inheritance. In other words, as long as you are on earth you do not have the right to rebel, but to submit to His Lordship. As a sign of submission, the writer asks the rulers to kiss the son’s feet as a sign of submission.

The writer having seen the outcome of the scene writes a warning to the rulers. Almost in a similar tone that Joshua used when asking the children of Israel to choose whom they shall serve (Joshua 24:15). But then gives them a clear direction that there is a blessing that comes with seeking refuge in the Lord.

By Harncell Oyango

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