Embrace – The Call to Bond

The world we live in today, especially in the urban centers, is characterized by high level individualism. It is a case of everybody for him or herself and God for us all. Even within Church, many people find themselves lonely and alone in the midst of large crowds. The truth is that God created us social beings and we all need each other. The spirit of independence, competition, and isolation we find in our society today is not of God.

The third step in The Safari is therefore called Embrace because it aims at helping us learn how to embrace one another with arms of love. Packed with practical lessons and activities, this sector of the journey will help you develop a loving and caring spirit reminiscent of that of the Believers in the first Church. You will also be introduced to the place of the local Church and why it is important to belong.

EMBRACE – The Safari …

Come and Bond

  • Love and care for others and especially members of the household of faith


  • The call to communal belonging together
  • Friendship and love
  • Practice of compassion and care
  • The pain of suffering
  • Going the extra mile


  • Rejoice with those who rejoice
  • Celebrate a wedding, baby, birthday, etc.
  • Mourn with those who mourn
  • Care for the sick, bereaved, needy, etc

Commit to:

  • A lifestyle of caring, visiting and supporting others
  • Social outings with others