Engage – The Call to Go

It has been shown that the most fulfilling reality in any Believer’s life is to know and live in God’s purpose. Indeed, somebody [who?] has said: “The greatest tragedy in life is not death but life without a purpose”. This is why The Safari culminates with this final step called Engage. It is designed to prepare you to actively engage in serving the purposes of God in your life.

Whether you are interested in serving God in Church or in the marketplace; whether you want to serve Him locally or internationally; whether among your community or you want to venture into cross-cultural ministry; whether you want to be a “full time” or a tent-maker; you will be equipped with practical tools to help you utilize your life, faith, resources and profession to serve God’s purpose in your own generation. The aim is to bring the reign of God in every sphere of life until the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ.

ENGAGE – The Safari Ambassador Come and Go


  • Understanding missions
  • Frontier Missions
  • International Missions
  • Cross-cultural missions
  • Marketplace Mission
  • Business as Mission, etc.
  • Supporting Missions
  • Prayer
  • Giving


  • Short Term Mission exposure
  • Weekend outreaches
  • School and college outreach
  • Visit to mission stations
  • The Journey

Commit to:

  • Attend School of Missions
  • Join STEP M
  • Consider Full time ministry
  • Ethical Professional Practice