Family Feuds: Psalm Three

From the very onset of this Psalm, it is hard not to be taken back to 2 Sam 18:33 as David mourns his son Absalom. Any parent will agree that the loss of a child is painful, but losing a child in the manner David did is next level. This Psalm gives us an insight of what occurred before the death of Absalom.

Parenting is probably the most difficult job in the world, yet no school in this world can prepare you enough, but not very many parents experience what David was going through at the moment in Psalm 3. In a nutshell, a living Absalom was bad news, but his death was even worse news a parent could endure to an extent that David wishes he could take his place.

You go through torment with Saul, you conquer the heathen nations, but just when rest comes to your land, the battle ground shifts. This time the enemy is within; your own household. Let’s bring it to context, as a parent you bring up your family, you build a business dynasty, earn respect from your peers, but just at the moment when you want to sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labor, your own son is after your head. The feeling of failure creeps in despite all the achievements in the world.

As a parent you would get livid if your child rudely answers back at you, but here is the most powerful man on earth, being pursued by his own son. David flees, not just out of fear for his life, but also of the terror that his generals would bring upon his son. See it as his attempt to avert an inevitable future. But while on flight, an event we all need to take note of occurs.

In the midst of this chaotic and shameful situation, he finds himself at a place we may be familiar with; spending time talking to God. As he mourns and engages God in a tough situation, he reminds himself of the promises of God. God had been his deliverer all through his life, and he was convinced he would not begin to let him down at the moment.

Your situation may have not escalated to the level of David and Absalom, where incest, rape, and murder reigned supreme, tainting the king’s victorious life, but still your version is important to God. Even if things are okay in your family, this is the time to give thanks, for raising a family is not by might not by power #ButByMySpirit, says the Lord

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