The Safari

Churches across the nation are full with congregants, yet their impact in society is hardly commensurate? Where is the disconnect? Christ Is The Answer Ministries has put together an amazing discipleship program that will alter the landscape of Christianity not only in this nation, but beyond.

Designed with 5 stages, the Safari will be undertaken with a small cell group of growing together friends. The experience will refine and process you into a faithful steward, an approved and effective servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Join believers from across CITAM as well as the Nation for the advent of this amazing journey, the Safari Launch, the most comprehensive discipleship program in CITAM History.

The Five Steps are:

  1. Enter – The Call to know 
  2. Encounter – The Call to Grow
  3. Embrace – The Call to Bond
  4. Enlist – The Call to Serve
  5. Engage – The Call to Go