The Secret of Staying Rooted; Psalm Chapter One. Harncell Oyango

Have you ever wondered how some people have been in the Lord for a many years, yet have managed to stay evergreen? The book of psalms reveals the secret to how that is achieved, and no book does it better than Psalm 1.
You cannot wish for a better introduction to a book than this chapter. From the onset the record is set straight.

Distinctively, the first part focuses on the righteous person; who does not rely on his own wisdom and ability. Rather the writer, lays out the blue print; the word of God. The first verse clearly states that there is a blessing to walking with the right company. In agreement with the first chapter of Revelations (that states there is a blessing in reading the word of God), verse 2 and 3 highlight prosperity that comes with delightfully meditating upon the word of God.

Some people choose to meditate on other things, but the only tried and tested way to face life with joy, strength and victory is through constantly and consistently meditating upon the word of God. Life like a rushing river will threaten to sweep you away, but if you are rooted in the word of God, you will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, and the works of your hands will also be blessed.

On the contrary, neglecting the ways and the word of God will only make you be a chaff easily swept away by any wind. Your ears will be so itchy that any wind of doctrine will sweep you away. By the time you realize, you will have long moved away from the assembly of the righteous.

During the #CITAM40DaysOfPrayerAndFasting, remember that prayer, fasting and meditating upon the word of God go hand in hand.